Arun Tadepalli

Graduate student working with SeaQuest



My name is Arun Tadepalli and I am a sixth year graduate student from Rutgers University working on the SeaQuest experiment. I have been a part of the Fermilab community since 2012. I think it is about time for me to give back to the Fermilab community :)

At my undergraduate institute, I was an active part of the SPS as we organized many fun events and educational seminars. At Fermilab, I have organized similar events (tours of SeaQuest and such). Recently we also organized a workshop, Frontiers and Careers in Particle and Nuclear Physics, which is aimed towards bringing together PhD and postdoctoral students to discuss their research and career perspectives in a friendly environment. I wish to bring the same to Fermilab. I think there are many things we could do at Fermilab to continue to keep it a vibrant and fun loving community.

The FSPA will give me an opportunity to talk to you, exchange ideas  and voice out concerns to improve the quality of our lives and in the end, give back to you!