Ishanee Pophale

Hi folks, my name is Ishanee Pophale and I’m a Ph.D. student at Lancaster university. I’m working on MicroBooNE and I’ve been involved in neutrino research since 2019. I believe fostering a tight-knit community at Fermilab is essential for a functional and happy research group. It would be an immense pleasure to be the voice of young physicists and to help build connections in our group by organizing both in-person and virtual events open to our global collaboration. I’ve been very involved with outreach and I think this platform would give me an opportunity to reach a wider audience both inside and outside Fermilab. If given an opportunity, as an FSPA officer, I’d like to support the career development of young scientists by facilitating professional development panels and workshops which is as key as the social aspect. I will also be there to help resolve any professional disputes or grievances that arise should there be a need.