Career Activities


FSPA Alumni Group

FSPA Alumni Group is designed to build a network between the people who are at FNAL now and Fermilab alumni. You can exchange job information, share interesting ideas, and build your network in this group.



FSPA Job Board

FSPA Job Board is a website designed for students and postdocs in High Energy Physics to exchange potential job information. These jobs do not necessarily have to be available. The aim is to catalogue information on types of careers/jobs that high energy physicists can go into. Jobs in industry and academia are all welcome. The summary will be updated every month.



FSPA Career Panel – A Discussion on The Application Process for Jobs at National Labs

FSPA hosted a career panel to discuss getting jobs at national labs. We have invited Fermilab scientists and postdocs to share their experiences



FSPA Career Panel –  Paths to Tenure Faculties



FSPA Industy Career Week