Career Talk: GitHub and Software Best Practices

Speaker: Marco Mambelli PhD


Marco works here at Fermilab in the Scientific Computing Division. He is the project and technical lead for GlideinWMS, a tool used to provision the computing resources for CMS and most Fermilab experiments. Before that, he worked on the design and development of other distributed software projects at Fermilab and the University of Chicago.


Many of us are writing code, from the big software project to a short script to configuration files. We all can benefit from existing tools and best practices in the field that in the end will improve the quality of our products and make our life easier. 

This session will provide:

  • A brief introduction to Version Control Systems
  • An overview of Github tools and  best practices for software development and deployment
  • A summary of what interviewers look for when reviewing Github pages


Date: March 9th

Talk: 12–1pm (45+15m)

Location: Wilson Hall, One West

Remote connection:

Pre-talk pizza 11:30am

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Zoom recording part 1

Zoom recording part 2