Career Activities

New Perspectives 2021 Career Panel

Along with the exciting physics agenda we also had a career panel during the conference on August 18th. Four panelists told us about their experiences transitioning from HEP to industry.
• José Sepulveda-Quiroz (NOvA / Intel)
• Kanika Sachdev (NOvA / Waymo)
• Rizki Syarif ( CMS / Cambridge Mobile Telematics )
• Wesley Gohn (g-2 / Siemens Medical Solutions )

See the recording here.

2020 Career Talks

We have an exciting series of career talks for spring-summer 2020. The slides and recordings of the talks will be posted here for those who are not able to attend.

March 9: GitHub and Software Best Practices

May 8: Networking in the Social Distancing Era

May 22: Communicating Your Science

August 3: Crucial Conversations



Other resources and past events


FSPA Alumni Group

FSPA Alumni Group is designed to build a network between the people who are at FNAL now and Fermilab alumni. You can exchange job information, share interesting ideas, and build your network in this group.



FSPA Job Board

FSPA Job Board is a website designed for students and postdocs in High Energy Physics to exchange potential job information. These jobs do not necessarily have to be available. The aim is to catalogue information on types of careers/jobs that high energy physicists can go into. Jobs in industry and academia are all welcome. The summary will be updated every month.



Panels & Workshops



FSPA Career Panel – A Discussion on The Application Process for Jobs at National Labs

FSPA hosted a career panel to discuss getting jobs at national labs. We invited Fermi- lab scientists, postdocs, and a scientific recruiter representative to share their experiences about how hiring committees choose people, and how to get jobs at national labs. We also set up 1-on-1 CV review sessions with senior scientists to give students and postdocs real-life feedback about their applications.



FSPA Career Panel –  Paths to Tenure Faculties

FSPA hosted a career panel to discuss getting jobs at universities. We invited people in faculty positions from various countries and experiments to share their experiences about getting both faculty and postdoc jobs.


FSPA Industry Career Week


FSPA hosted a series of events to explore the job opportunities in industries:

Industry Job EXPO – We invited representatives, including past lab employees/ users, from different companies to share their experiences.

Data Science Workshop – A workshop hosted by Insight Data Science Fellows Pro- gram to introduce of the world of data science to the FSPA community.