Halloween party

Halloween Party 2017

The FSPA hosted their annual Halloween party on Friday evening at the Kuhn Barn. Global Services had organized a family friendly beginning to the evening which saw a peak of over 100 people at the event; with many of them dressed in a whole range of terrifying costumes.

The party was gatecrashed by Link asking for friends to help fight Ganon, where he chose a rather rauncy looking policewoman, a painting of Vincent Van Gogh and Chase from Paw Patrol to help him in his quest. Following this there was a musical interlude, as STOOL (a band composed of scientists at Fermilab) performing as the Mad Scientists, played a 30-minute set for the attendees. The night concluded with a pumpkin carving competition where one young Pokemon fan made a frighteningly accurate representation of Gengar, before everyone relived a scene from Castaway and saw some pets which are left at home.

All in all, it was an incredibly successful event, and the FSPA officers are looking forward to hosting their next event soon!