FSPA Action Month

From Monday, June 15, we are beginning FSPA Action Month.  We hope to start conversations in our community which will endure, and discuss practical ways we can enact progress.
Together, we plan on working through the 10-minute resources collated within the ‘Justice in June’ workbook.
As we continue to educate ourselves and increase our awareness, we commit to spending 10 minutes each day engaging in these pertinent issues and forming habits which will allow us to continue this work beyond 4 weeks.  Of course, we continue to encourage everyone to spend more than 10 minutes on these critical actions (and there are longer-form resources also included for those wanting additional material), but we want to ensure we start somewhere.  All members of our community are encouraged to join us, as much as you are able and comfortable.
You are welcome to join the #fspa-for-change channel on the Fermilab Users Slack (fermilab-users.slack.com).  Each day we will post the reading/watching/action material and welcome any conversation which may follow.  We can also use the channel more generally to discuss practical things our community can do going forward.