Deepika Jena

Deepika Jena
PostDoc working on MINERvA
SCD-PDS-SCS Department, Fermilab

My name is Deepika Jena. I am running for FSPA elections at Fermilab.
I joined Fermilab in 2017 as a Research Associate at the Scientific
Computing Division working on the MINERvA experiment. I graduated
from India where I worked on the ALICE experiment at CERN, Geneva.

Being an international student living in a foreign country, I realized how
important is to make the lab a warm and welcoming place in order to
improve our quality of life and achieve our academic goals. The FSPA
plays a significant role with this, ensuring that everyone has a positive
experience at Fermilab by organizing significant activities and
addressing our needs as users. During my stay at CERN, I learned how
important it is to work as a team, gathering people from all around the
world and addressing their issues and needs.

Fermilab is a leader of the scientific community in both the United
States and the world. It would be an honor to proudly represent the
Fermilab users as a member of the FSPA. I see the position of a FSPA
member as an excellent way to be a part of a team that is not only
involved in the lives of current students, but also acts in the bigger
picture of providing a better place for future students. I am willing to
provide my best effort on these responsibilities and will be open to any
of your suggestions.