Wooyoung Jang

University of Texas at Arlington

My name is Wooyoung Jang and I am a postdoctoral research fellow of the University of Texas at Arlington. Last year, I just finished my Ph. D. through my studies in the AMS-02 experiment, and after my graduation, I’m working for dark matter searching programs in the neutrino science projects such as DUNE and ICARUS.

I was told by many people around me that FSPA will be a great opportunity to serve for physicist’s society on Fermilab. During the time I prepare this statement, I have read many former officer’s statements. And as I read their activities, I thought it would be a way to fit myself into this new community while working for my colleagues around me as a newcomer researcher in Fermilab. I would like to have such an opportunity to serve the colleagues and to mingle my self to the community.