Zubair Ahmad Dar

Grad student, MINERvA
Aligarh Muslim University

Hi ! I am Zubair, a graduate student from Aligarh Muslim University working on the MINERvA experiment from the last one and half years. I have been on site since March 2019 and have been exploring all the diversity the Fermilab campus is offering. I am a sports-loving person and have been participating in different sports activities of the Fermilab. I am the captain of the Cricket team of Fermilab and a regular player of Badminton. I have also started a Tennis group recently. I try to involve as many people from different countries and cultures to mix diversity and learn about different cultures. I also have a passion for the photography and you can see my photos on Fermilab Today quite often. I come from a place which is around 2000 m’s above the sea level, a mountainous region full of natural beauty, where I used to do a lot hiking and continued here as well.

FSPA is doing an incredible job and being a part of this would be a great pleasure and exposure.

If elected, I will continue the process of organizing scientific seminars, encourage the Fermilab Alumni to guide young graduates through seminars as well as one to one interactions. Also, I will listen to grievances, problems faced by on-site graduate students and other scientists and would like to address them by reporting to the proper authorities. I love to organize social events since I came to the University and I would like to continue those activities here as well as these events keep us connected to different cultures and enable us to learn various good things. I would like to organize different sports activities as I consider them as much as important as the Physics activities.