Aleksandra Ćiprijanović

Postdoc, Scientific Computing Division

My name is Aleksandra and I am a postdoc at the Scientific Computing Division at Fermilab. My work is at the intersection of deep learning and astrophysics, an I am interested in building trustworthy and robust machine learning methods we can use in the sciences. I joined Fermilab in 2019, a couple of months before the pandemic, so I was lucky to experience the diverse and lively Fermilab community in person, as well as virtually like we are doing today. Fermilab is a great place that allowed me to learn about many countries and cultures, as well as about physics. Many scientific and social events organized by FSPA and beyond play a crucial role in bringing people together and are particularly important in this virtual working environment. I have experience in helping organize conferences, events, journal clubs and social events, and I would be honored to help with the FSPA activities. I also believe that working on diversity and inclusion, helping young scientists and students, mentoring and helping with work/life balance is very important. Events organized by the FSPA have helped me tremendously to meet people, learn more about which science questions they find interesting, and ultimately to start feeling like part of the Fermilab community. I would love to help with these activities in the future, as well as help the voices of all of the community members be heard. Finally, being part of the FSPA will also give me the opportunity to learn much more about Fermilab and its wonderful community.