Forhad Hossain

Grad student, SpinQuest
New Mexico State University

My name is Forhad Hossain, and I am a sixth-year graduate student from New Mexico State University. I am working on the SpinQuest experiment, and I have been a part of the Fermilab community since 2018. The FSPA officers have been doing an excellent job connecting the students and the postdocs, and all of us feel very welcome here; it is about time for me to use my experiences and contribute to the community.

I was an active part of the Physics Club at my undergraduate institute, where we organized scientific events and educational seminars. Using my past experiences, I would like to ensure the continuation of the current successful programs in Fermilab, and I will also try to initiate low-key social events. One of the areas I have enjoyed a lot during my stay at Fermilab onsite is sports. One can easily meet other Fermilab people who are from different experiments. Since the environment is quite diverse, learning about each other’s cultures is quite easier. I will try to keep it active.

As an FSPA officer, I hope to meet a lot of new people, and I will be looking for more options for students and post-docs, so we can be connected more interactively.