Marvin V. Ascencio

Postdoc, ANNIE/DUNE,  Iowa State University

Hello everybody,
My name is Marvin, and I am a neutrino enthusiast from Peru!
For the last ~4 years, I have stayed at Fermilab working in the MINERvA experiment as a grad student from PUCP University, Peru. Currently, I am starting a new position at Iowa State University that luckily requires me to keep staying at Fermi. So the neutrino cross-section folks could say that I am in the transition region, from grad student to postdoc, with a cutoff this month (yes, like W cutoff! Duh.).

Throughout all these years, I had the opportunity to meet close former and current FSPA members from whom I learned about all the challenges that an FSPA Officer entails. I think, given my background and the time living on-site, I can enhance the experience of being a young researcher at Fermi. Still, there was something that stopped me from participating. Let’s say that I interact more or less like neutrinos, indeed as some of you are (maybe some others interact like dark matter?). Anyway, after these years, I finally encouraged myself to give it a try.

My central commitment is to maintain constant communication with the authorities, be like a bridge. Of course, I do not promise great things like keeping the goose’s out of the village; the most you could do is suggest their collaboration meetings do it elsewhere (group of geese that gather to migrate). But, seriously now, in addition to the first commitment, I look forward to representing shy colleagues like me.