Colton Hill

Graduate student working with MicroBooNE/SBND/LArIAT


I’m Colton Hill, a Postgraduate Student on the MicroBooNE, SBND, and LArIAT experiments. Being from the University of Manchester in the UK, but having lived at Fermilab for over a year now, I think I have a reasonable grasp on some struggles students from near and far may face. In fact, one of the more challenging aspects of moving to a completely new place, is joining the established community – a challenge which the regular and well-organised FSPA events help to lessen.

While the social events are an integral part of the Fermilab experience, I’ve also found the host of career oriented events, like New Perspectives and abstract workshops greatly enhance the presence of the FSPA. Being able to successfully balance both work and after-work activities puts the FSPA in a unique position, where the officers are able to act as advisors in several aspects, but also very accurately describe the struggles and joys of students and postdocs to the Users Executive Committee.

I see joining the FSPA as an excellent opportunity to give back to the community we all live and work in. As an FSPA officer, I will continue working to improve the wonderful community at Fermilab, creating a welcoming and productive environment for everyone.