Karl Warburton

Postdoc working with NOvA and DUNE


Hey, I’m Karl. I have been based at the lab for over three years now; for 2.5 years working on the 35 ton DUNE Prototype during my PhD, and then for a little over six months as a postdoc working on NOvA and DUNE. After having been at the lab for so long I would love to be able to give something back by serving on the FSPA. During my time at the lab I have met a whole host of interesting people and the various events held by the FSPA have certainly been a major factor in that; as they create a great space for people from all over the lab to interact which is great! If I am elected I will try to continue the impressive work which the FSPA does from organizing events in the evenings and things like New Perspectives to inviting guest speakers.