Midhat Farooq

Graduate student working with Muon g-2


Hi All!

I am Midhat, a grad student from Michigan, working on muon g-2. Over the last five years, I have become increasingly aware of the climate issues in the physics community and gotten involved in multiple organizations to improve them. I helped start the physics graduate council at Michigan, through which, I organized many social events, such as picnics, coffee hours, and happy hours, and worked on initiatives like improving teaching opportunities for grad students and starting a mentoring program. I have served on the executive board of the Society for Women in Physics, where I had the opportunity to plan and volunteer at outreach and professional development events. The two groups and others started a coalition that urged the department to form a Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion committee.

I also worked on this effort at Fermilab recently when I organized a Diversity Panel with another graduate student, which was attended by over 100 lab users and employees. As an FSPA officer, I would continue to work on diversity and inclusion issues as I believe that they are the most important ones that Fermilab, and physics in general, need to work on improving. I would also use my previous event planning experience to continue FSPA’s regular social events, and more, because I love the community at Fermilab and know that these events are a big part of bringing people together.

Lastly, I have been part of the graduate student government at Michigan, which has allowed me to coordinate and plan initiatives for grad students’ academic advancement, as well as to advocate for policies benefiting graduate student on state and federal levels. I also advocated for high energy physicists on Capitol Hill with UEC this year, and hope to continue these efforts as part of FSPA officially. I have many ideas I would like to bring to FSPA if elected, and am always open to hearing more from the community!