Thomas Carroll

Graduate student working with MINOS+


My name is Thomas Carroll, and I am a fourth year graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin working on MINOS+. I have been coming to Fermilab since 2012 when I was an undergraduate student. Over the past five years, Fermilab has become a second home for me. FSPA events have been some highlights during my stays at Fermilab from social gatherings to my first opportunity to give a talk through the New Perspectives conference. I have gained experience representing young researchers and organizing events as the young MINOS representative on the MINOS+ Institutional Board and as an active organizer of the Neutrino Social. I believe that FSPA serves an important role for welcoming newcomers and helping keep people connected to our lab community. As an FSPA officer, I want to create a friendly and inclusive environment that will help young researchers at Fermilab succeed.