Kanika Sachdev

Postdoc working with NOvA/SBN



Hi! I am Kanika; I’ve been a Fermilab postdoc for just under a year now. I work on NOvA and the short baseline neutrino program. Before joining the lab, I was a PhD student at the University of Minnesota. I am on the NOvA speakers committee and also served as the young NOvA representative on the Institutional Board of the experiment. I think these past experiences have given me the skills helpful in presenting the views and concerns of young researchers.
The lab seems like a very big and complicated place at times. The thing that makes it all go down, more or less, easily, is the lovely community of people here, that I’d like to know better. And hopefully I can make their lives a little bit easier, as an FSPA officer! I think being a researcher or a tech at the lab can be a very rewarding and a unique experience. Yet there are many ways of making it better still, and I hope to advance that cause a bit further by serving on the FSPA.
Not to forget, one of the first conference talks I gave was at New Perspectives organized by the FSPA. It is still near the top of my list of favorite talks because of the easy atmosphere and a keen audience! I’d love to be a part of the team that organizes it and hopefully provide the same confidence-building experience for other young scientists.