Elena Pinetti

My name is Elena Pinetti. Originally, I’m from Italy, a beautiful country with great food, sunny weather, and welcoming people. I earned my doctorate degree in a joint program between the University of Turin (Italy) and Sorbonne University (France) and since November 2021 I’m a postdoc at Fermilab. My research is focused on searching for dark matter in the Universe with a multi-messenger approach. I am a mentor in the “Supernova Foundation”, an international mentoring program for women in Physics. This organization seeks to support more women in pursuing an academic career, by providing personal guidance and organizing numerous webinars on various topics, including impostor syndrome, how to write a CV, and how to deal with gender discrimination in academia. I believe that mentoring is one of the most effective measures to overcome discrimination and build a more informed and conscious community. I am the President and co-founder of “Soroptimist Net Lead”, a network of 40 young women focused on female empowerment and education on gender equality. We organized numerous initiatives, such as an advocacy project to help more than 250 girls from disadvantaged communities in South Africa to remain in school as well as events to support equal paternity leave in Italy and promote role models of women in STEM to encourage the younger generations to choose a scientific career. Personally, I enjoy devoting my leisure time to outreach activities, addressed to the schools as well as to the general public. I believe that the most effective way to overcome prejudices against minorities is to show that science is for everybody, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or social background. I would be honored to contribute actively to the Fermilab community, bringing my experience in event organizing and team building, which is why I’m running for FSPA officer. I’d love to help in promoting diversity and inclusion at Fermilab.  Also, I have experience in organizing conferences and workshops, which will be useful in coordinating the New Perspectives Conference and the annual User Meeting.  If elected as an FSPA officer, I’ll be committed to organizing social gatherings and communicating your interests to the directorate. Thank you for considering my candidacy, looking forward to meeting you and enjoying our time in Fermilab together!