LGBTQ+ Physicist Virtual Panel

Hello everyone,The FSPA Officers would like to wish you all a very happy Pride Month! To close out Pride Month this year, FSPA will be hosting a LGBTQ+ Physicist Virtual Panel of 6 members of the LGBTQ+ Physics Community to discuss and answer questions about personal experiences they’ve had as LGBTQ+ Physicists, and to give advice for how to successfully navigate being a member of that community and being a physicist, or working in industry from a physics background.
The event will be held on June 30th from 4-5pm CST. Look for connection details on your email, or reach us at 
We’d like to invite you all to send questions that you’d like to ask the panelists to the google form here so that we can compile a list of questions for our panelists. 
There will also be time towards the end of the panel to take a few questions from the virtual audience.If you’d like to learn more about Pride Month and why it’s celebrated, we have compiled a few links that you should feel free to read through:
We also encourage you all to check out the resources provided on the Spectrum webpage: Month is for everyone. Be proud of who you are and celebrate it.