Polina Abratenko

Hi, I’m Polina, I’m a graduate student at Tufts University. I started working on MicroBooNE as an undergrad, and since then I have also done a post-bacc based at FNAL and continued to work on MicroBooNE in addition to the SBND and ICARUS experiments as a graduate student. Having been based at the lab during three different stages of my student career, I believe I have well-rounded insight into the student experience at Fermilab. I have benefitted a lot from FSPA over the years, from presenting at one of my first conferences (New Perspectives) to making valuable connections at social events hosted by FSPA. I would like to give back to the community by volunteering to serve as an officer this year, where I will work to continue to improve the student and postdoc experience at the lab with a focus on diversity and outreach efforts.