FSPA Election 2019

Election of the FSPA officers for the 2019-2020 Term

Voting will end on Thursday, October 3 at 11:59 PM (CDT).  Voting is open to all members of the FSPA Community.  This includes all graduate students, postdocs, as well as young visiting researchers and lab staff that are active members of the FSPA community.  Voting is confidential, and will be performed to elect 5 new officers.  Though both a valid Fermilab ID and email address have to be provided, they will not be tied to your vote.

You can cast your vote on the FSPA Election page.

The 5 candidates receiving the most votes will be elected.  There are no distinct categories for graduate students and postdocs this year.

Meet the candidates


Richie Diurba Grad student, University of Minnesota


Abhilash Yallappa Dombara Grad student, Syracuse University


David Duenas Grad student, University of Cincinnati


Maria Martinez-Casales Grad student, Iowa State University

Luke Pickering Postdoc, Michigan State University

Caleb Smith Grad student, Baylor University

Samantha Sword-Fehlberg Grad student, New Mexico State University

Athula Wickremasinghe Research associate, Fermilab

Zachary Williams Grad student, University of Texas at Arlington