Edgar Marrufo Villalpando

Grad student, DES, University of Chicago

My name is Edgar Marrufo Villalpando, and I am a third-year physics Ph.D. student at the University of Chicago. I work with the DES collaboration, and I am currently helping with the effort of adapting Skipper CCDs to cosmological applications. I started working on Skipper CCD testing and development in 2019 at Fermilab. Being part of FSPA would represent an opportunity to give back to the Fermilab community. While working at Fermilab, I have received mentorship, the opportunity for independence in my research, and a plethora of professional and technical skills that have made me grow as a scientist. Thus, as a member of FSPA, I could contribute to maintaining the fulling working experiences for current and future early career researchers.

I am a founder member of the Racial and Ethnic Minorities in Physics (REMiP) at the UChicago Physics Department. As a core principle, we believe in celebrating the diverse cultural backgrounds that form the Department. As an FSPA officer, I can share what I have learned while building REMiP as Fermilab also has a diverse and culturally vibrant community.