Xuan Chen

Graduate student working with CMS


My name is Xuan Chen. I am a Chinese graduate student working on CMS. It has been more than 3 years since the first time I came to Fermilab in the Summer of 2014. All of the friendly people, interesting cultural interactions, and of course, the exciting physics, have changed my life forever. Fermilab has already become my second home! I’d like to make everyone feel at home as well.If I get the opportunity to serve as an FSPA officer, the first thing I want to do is build bridges between experiments. I am a CMS student, and we have many great LPC activities. I also heard from my neutrino friends about the neutrino social, programming study groups, etc. It would be great if we can share these brilliant ideas not just inside our collaborations, but also across the whole of Fermilab. Visiting Fermilab provides a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world. It is hard to count how many times I have been amazed by the interesting cultures from other countries. As an FSPA officer I’d like to do is bring more events that make all of the ideas collide and create new cultures at Fermilab! (Let’s call it the Fermi Culture Collider!)

FSPA has been doing excellent job to help people get into the community. I wish I could have this opportunity to carry on the great tradition of FSPA and make Fermilab a better place for everyone.