Elections 2016

Election of the FSPA officers for the 2016-2017 Term

Voting will end on Wednesday, September 28 at 5 PM (CDT). Voting is open to all Fermilab graduate students and postdocs, as well as young visiting researchers and lab staff that are active members of the FSPA community. Voting is confidential (though a valid Fermilab ID is required), and will be performed to elect 3 graduate student and 2 postdoc officers.

Voting is closed

Ballot counting this year will be done using a preferential voting system. In this scheme, voters rank all candidates for whom they would like to cast a vote. Ballot counting proceeds in iterations, systematically eliminating candidates with the least support until any remaining candidate receives greater than 50% of the votes. To choose additional candidates, this method is repeated with the already-elected candidate removed from the ballot. Learn more about instant-runoff voting.

Here are your candidates. Clicking on a name will bring you to their page with a picture and their statement.


Name Institution Status Affiliation
Rui An Illinois Institute of Technology Graduate student MicroBooNE
Jessica Esquivel Syracuse University Graduate student MicroBooNE/LArIAT/SBND
Mônica Nunes Campinas State University Graduate student LArIAT
Fernanda Psihas Indiana University Graduate student NOvA
Mehreen Sultana University of Rochester Graduate student MINERvA
Arun Tadepalli Rutgers University Graduate student SeaQuest
Wes Gohn University of Kentucky Postdoc Muon g-2
Kanika Sachdev Fermilab Postdoc NOvA/SBN
Alejandro Sosa Fermilab Postdoc Accelerator Division