Mehreen Sultana

Graduate student working with MINERvA



I want to be the very best
FSPA officer.
To make lab fun is my real test,
Diversity is my cause!

I will travel across the lab,
improving student life.
To help our community
outreach, grow, and thrive.

FSP*, It’s you and me
I hope that you’ll vote for me
FSP, Oh, giving back is my intent
To this lab we all attend!
FSP! Fermilab is Home to me!
Winter is blue,
but FSPA events can get you through!

You tell me and I’ll help you,
get. what. you. neeeeed.
Here at Fermilab!
Here at Fermilab!

Vote for ME!

FSP* = Fermilab Students and Postdocs.

Literary Interpretation:
I want to make Fermilab feel like home to all the users who stay here, regardless of length of stay. A big part of that goal is to keep our environment inclusive and supportive to people from all over the world. FSPA events provide such an opportunity for people to collaborate, learn about new cultures, and develop lasting friendships. These events are even more necessary during the colder months. Some of my ideas for winter events include Microbrew Mondays, noodle soup themed potluck dinners, group movie events in the village or in a theater, and boardgames nights. As an FSPA officer, creating a space for people to socialize during the cold months is a great opportunity to keep myself busy and our community happy.