Wes Gohn

Postdoc working with g-2



I am a postdoc on the muon g-2 experiment. The FSPA, to me, is an opportunity to give back to the local community of grad students and postdocs. As an organization we should foster an inclusive environment and help to make Fermilab a pleasant place to live and work.

As an officer, I would insure the continuation of our currently successful programs such as the New Perspectives conference and the Halloween party, but also try to initiate more frequent and low key social events for grad students and postdocs. The organization also used to put on career-oriented events such as panel discussions on careers in both academia and industry, which I would like to make a more regular occurrence. I am also excited for the opportunity to represent our community in Washington.

The FSPA has made many graduate students and postdocs feel welcomed and included as a part of the Fermilab community, and I hope to have the opportunity to insure that it will continue to do the same for you. Thank you for your support.